Customise your jacket

Got a favourite jacket that could use a make over or just a tired piece of clothing that needs a new lease of life?

Send it our way, we’ll show it some love and give it a revamp!

Here’s how to go about it…

  • decide on the garment you want to spruce up
  • choose your fave design from our pre-made jackets and tees or simply tell us your own ideas
  • maybe your name, a message to the world or your favourite song lyrics? It’s up to you!
  • we’ll have a chat with you to make sure you’re super excited about the proposed design
  • we’ll work out the price depending on the time and cost of materials involved
  • prices start from £10
  • once everyone is happy, make your payment via paypal and send us your garment of choice
  • we’ll get to work and have your awesome new item back to you within 1-2 weeks
  • You put it on, fall in love and go strut your stuff babe!

Drop us an email at or send us a WhatsApp at 07495 585757 to tell us what you’d like  We can’t wait to hear from you! xx