rise up – reworked vintage wrangler denim jacket, ‘heroes + villains’


  • Heroes + Villains collection
  • unique one-off item
  • limited edition jacket
  • vintage wrangler denim jacket
  • 90s vintage jacket
  • customised jacket
  • hand painted design
  • slogans and lyrics on the front and back
  • ripped and frayed deconstructed detail
  • oversized ‘boyfriend jacket’
  • unisex
  • one Size fits all, 8-14 loose fit, 16-18 standard fit

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A unique one-off item from the Heroes + Villains collection. This limited edition jacket has been hand painted with hand written slogans on the front and back. A 90s vintage wrangler denim jacket, reworked, customised and upcycled with ripped and frayed deconstruction detail. An oversized ‘boyfriend jacket’, unisex, one Size fits all, 8-14 loose fit, 16-18 standard fit.


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