Second to ASOS? That’s us!

We were delighted to be second to ASOS in Marie Claire’s online vintage stores countdown.

Here are the highlights:


Or how to look like Alexa Chung, Kate Moss, Sienna Miller and co.

Mixing vintage with high-street clothing is the key to being trendy without looking too try-hard, just ask Alexa Chung, Sienna Miller and Kate Moss.

But vintage shopping isn’t easy, you can easily spend hours in a store and walk out with nothing – which is why online shopping is the answer.

We’ve rounded up the best online vintage clothing stores for you, whether you’re after a vintage Chanel 2.55 bag, or the perfect retro band t-shirt.

2. The Stellar Boutique
You are very safe in Stella’s hands. Having worked at Levi’s, Marks & Spencer, Topshop and own a stall at Portobello Market (Kate Moss and Stella McCartney were regulars, FYI), she set up The Stellar Boutique. It’s bursting with one-off gems from designers and artists from all over the world. Warning: you will lose hours of your life pouring over Stella’s cleverly curated collections.

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Casting our vintage net

This was a lovely surprise for us; a mention in German magazine Maxima’s website.

Great to see us reaching vintage fans from far and wide!

Just incase your German is a bit rusty, here’s the translation:

“Prior to starting her online career, the operator of this store worked for Levi’s and Topshop and had her own booth on London’s famous Portobello Market, which was often visited by Kate Moss and Stella McCartney. A very good address to pimp your own wardrobe with vintage treasures! You can search for a decade or a category. Since this is more about style than labels, the prices are also cheap. We are in love with this Seventies skirt!”

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Boho vibes

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OPEL WREN blog post

opel wrenopel wren 1As you all know I love online shopping and am happy to waste away hours searching for the perfect items on eBay, but  when searching for the perfect fringed jacket recently, I came across ‘The Stellar Boutique‘, it was a real find as the online shop is filled with vintage treasures and genuine Moroccan accessories. I fell in love with every single one of the bags and couldn’t stop myself mentally designing a new flat filled with treasure from their home section.

opel wren boho-bag-2014-Collage-1000x-700x766

I checked out the about me section of the website and was fascinated to hear more about Stellas life, so I got in contact with her and wanted to share this amazing woman with you guys. The shop was created by owner Stella as an outlet to showcase designers and artists from around the world, she is pretty much living the dream, living in a hippy farm house in the Spanish countryside with in her own words ‘a menagerie of dogs, cats, goats, sheep and chickens’.
After graduating from University for the Creative Arts with a degree in fashion design in 2000, Stella went on to design for Topshop in London; assisted at the Times newspaper’s fashion department; worked in visual merchandising for Levi Strauss and Marks & Spencer; and spent time as a stylist both independently and for the BBC. With such a huge range of experience under her belt, she was able to successfully launch her own label in 2002 which was sold in Topshop, Oxford Street amongst others. She spent 3 years on her stall in Portobello Market, selling hand picked vintage to the likes of Stella McCartney and Kate Moss, being able to count Kate Moss as one of your regulars is a huge achievement and something I am very jealous of!
She has spent the last 10 years working in the fashion industry and travelling the globe collecting treasure which has provided the inspiration for The Stellar Boutique, I love this idea because I am such a hoarder I love to pick up bits and pieces whilst away in the hope that one day I could use them. I wanted to share some of my favourite pieces from the website, you can the website out here and I hope you like what you see as much as I did!
opel wren vintage-jewellery-Collage-11
opel wren edh
Big thanks to Sophie at Opel Wren blog for this fabulous post!

Celebrating 40 years of The Moss!

26 years ago a skinny 14 year old girl from south London was spotted at JFK airport by Sarah Doukas of Storm model agency and was soon to become one of the most iconic and successful fashion models in history.


Yes, it’s hard to believe Britain’s most recognisable supermodel is 40 years old today! In true Moss style, what better way to mark this landmark event, and prove you’ve still ‘got it’, by posing for the cover of Playboy! Kate bares all for the 60th anniversary edition of the infamous magazine and, with a body enviable of most 20 year olds, shows the world she’s still well and truly on top of her game!

A new book has also been published to commemorate this milestone, ‘Kate Moss’ by Chris Roberts is a retrospective look at the model’s highs and lows of her career and private life, and let’s face it, there’s been a few!

Kate soon became one of the fashion worlds hottest properties after the iconic photoshoot by the young and up and coming photographer Corinne Day. Fresh faced and full of raw talent, these images catapulted her into the 90s fashion scene and contributed perfectly to the current grunge ethos of the time.

She went on to cause controversy with her body image, fulling debate about anorexia, and remolded the status quo of the then modelling world by pioneering a new breed of model ‘The waif’. Shorter, skinnier, quirkier and with imperfections, her look was in stark contrast to the reigning supermodels all 6 foot tall and full of Hollywood glamour.

Although she continues to maintain an air of mystery around her by avoiding interviews and public speaking, her private life has often been splashed across the papers through her high profile relationships with the likes of Johnny Depp and Pete Doherty, as well as scandal surrounding her hard partying, rock and roll life style. But of course these are just some of the reasons why we love her so much!

(Probably too many photos of Kate and her ex’s but as I suffer from Kate Moss boyfriend envy, I felt it necessary!)

Keeping it rock n roll, Kate married The Kills singer and guitarist Jamie Hince in 2011. The husband and wife team seem very happy in what appears to be a well matched and far less turbulent relationship!

So how does one of the worlds most famous models decide to celebrate her 40th birthday? Well reports were rife with rumors that Kate was shunning the London party scene and opting instead for a birthday bash on Richard Branson’s private island, Necker.  However, the latest reports show that Kate has indeed decided to celebrate her 40th at home in London choosing instead to go for lunch at 34 Restaurant in Mayfair! Close friends Sadie Frost, Stella McCartney, Mario Testino and Phillip Green are amongst the invited guests. No doubt the festivities will continue throughout the day and into the night in true Moss style.

Balloons arrive at Kate’s London home
Kate leaving her home earlier today
Kate and Jamie arriving at the birthday venue, 34 restaurant, Mayfair
Nick Grimshaw and Sadie Frost arriving with presents for the birthday girl
Jo Wood also bearing gifts

Although reportedly earning £12 million last year alone, Kate is showing no signs of slowing down into early retirement. She is now joining the team at British Vogue in her new role as contributing fashion editor as well as a new collection for her Topshop range hitting the stores in April. It seems there’s plenty more to come from this inspiring style icon as her career goes from strength to strength. Long live the Moss!

The new Kate Moss biography

The spirit of the new Gypsies

When I recently stumbled upon Iain Mckell’s book ‘The New Gypsies’ I was instantly charmed by the whimsical beauty and sense of freedom captured in his photographs. This new culture of free spirited gypsies and their elaborately decorated horse-drawn caravans captured my imagination and I simply had to share these beautiful images with you.

This renegade tribe of new age travellers come from our culture rather than from true gypsy blood, but have chosen to live with the freedom of the open road rather than living within the ideals of our western Capitalist society. Interestingly though, they juxtapose their nomadic, bohemian way of life with certain modern trappings such as mobile phones, internet and facebook!

And of course a post about Iain Mckell’s New Gypsies wouldn’t be complete without including the enchanting photos from V Magazine’s fashion shoot, taken by Mckell with model Kate Moss in 2009. Although she could easily pass as a fellow traveller, don’t be deceived, the styling is actually made up of high-end designer labels including John Galliano, Kenzo and Dsquared²…..a world away from the humble wardrobes of the real gypsies!