New boho bag arrivals just in time for summer!

Summer has arrived! It’s been long anticipated but here at The Stellar Boutique we’ve been working around the clock, jet setting to warmer climates in order to provide our customers with an abundant collection of gorgeous bohemian bags just in time for the festival season! Each of our individual and diversely versatile boho bags have been authentically sited in the souks of the enchanted city of Marrakech, all individually hand crafted and unique – their authenticity cannot be found anywhere on the High Street!

Our new installment of boho bags, like all of our existing boho products at The Stellar Boutique, represent Moroccan culture in its entirety and have been sourced with our customers in mind! All genuine leather, these bags are the real article, with vintage style saddle bags that have been studded and laser cut totally by hand and diminutive satchels and rucksacks that have adorned in Moroccan kilim tribal carpet, with designs tailored specifically for us.

We look to give our customers something different and love to go that extra mile, finding on trend bohemian pieces that have been uniquely hand tooled and decorated with fashion forward pieces that can be used for seasons to come!

We’ve truly outdone ourselves with our latest boho bag collection, bringing a vast collection of diverse silhouettes for every occasion, decorated with studs and pigmented stones, tribal in design and excessive Berber fringing and made exclusively from soft and wearable Moroccan leather.

Here at The Stellar Boutique we purchase our bags directly from the craftsmen of Morocco and are therefore able to ensure a fair trade policy and conduct. We work together to bring you distinctive North African delights straight from the emporia and delivered directly to your door!

As always, our leather boho bags are exclusive to The Stellar Boutique, guaranteeing free spirited individuals unique fashion that cannot be found elsewhere!

New Boho Bags!
New Boho Bags!

Moroccan Boho Belts at The Stellar Boutique

As we await summer’s arrival (a long wait by any means…) everything can seem dull until that period of hot daylight lounging and warm summer night barbeques. However, at The Stellar Boutique we have decided to try any means necessary to moderate that locational prolonged wait for you, by bringing you a new selection of exotic boho belts direct from the warm climates of Morocco! Each product is a genuine article, obtained profoundly within the souks of the magical city of Marrakech.

These boho belts are absorbed with Moroccan culture and ethnicity, ranging from Jim Morrison inspired 60s disc belts to the utilisation of excess fabric in the form of a tribal carpet belt with the implementation of leather, incorporated with traditional and authentic Moroccan carpet – a development of the renowned bohemian carpet bag!

Versatile and a “must-have” in the backpack, perfect that festival look by using the tan disc belt to cinche that lace vintage dress in at the waist. Alternatively, hook the boho carpet belt on a pair of cut off denims and combine with gladiator sandals, (a typical cardigan to accommodate the unpredictable weather) and a boho vintage tassle bag for the definitive bohemian aztec festival look this season!

Because we purchase our belts directly from the artisans of Morocco, we are able to ensure a fair trade policy. Working together to bring you unique North African delights straight out of the souks and delivered directly to your door.

As always, these exquisite belts are exclusive to The Stellar Boutique, guaranteeing you stylish and original fashion that cannot be found anywhere else!