New Vintage Jewellery & Accessories Collection

The vintage jewellery collection is home to an assortment of pieces from the 1940s right through to the 80s, this charming and quirky selection of vintage jewellery will add a touch of fun or glamour to your favourite look. With 40s and 50s rhinestone brooches, 60s hippie rings, 70s pendants and 80s vintage gems at affordable prices, you don’t have to be Elizabeth Taylor or Kate Moss to adorn yourself in collectible jewels!

Our vintage accessories and vintage home range includes 40s driving gloves, 50s powder compacts, kitch 60s homewares, 70s aviator sunglasses and a wide range of vintage bags from all eras.

View the full collection here.

The Style Saint

Posted on January 15, 2011 by The Style Saint

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I LOVE VINTAGE. I can’t help it. I’ve become a total vintage junky. And why not?! When just about all the shops on the high street could now pass for vintage stores in terms of their designs (not mentioning any names TOPSHOP *ahem*!), then why not buy the real thing? I can’t figure out if shops are deliberately designing their stock to look vintage as it’s become such a desirable aesthetic, or whether fashion has become so ridiculously high speed that new trends reflect trends that have only recently passed, therefore looking vintage. The backlash of seasons that takes place nowadays (one season minimalism, the next glamour and detail, the next minimalism again) is just so fickle. That’s why I think finding your own style, modifying it to stay contemporary but wearing classic pieces is key to looking good. Phew, rant over!

Some people just aren’t a big fan of vintage shopping, largely because of the ‘rummage factor’ involved. I love that aspect, because when you clap your eyes on your dream dress, it feels like fate. You experience a little burst of satisfaction knowing that your destinies have crossed paths to be joined as one forever more. However, for the rushed businesswoman or mother who barely gets ten minutes to herself, it can be a hindrance. There is a solution. Online shopping! So many vintage brands now sell their products online, so if you can grab even fifteen minutes to have a quick search you can unearth some real bargains. No rummaging, just clearly displayed items available for you to zoom over at your own leisure. Marvellous.

One such website , which I think is just a pleasure to shop on, is The Stellar Boutique ( Even though it is more of a general style site than specifically a vintage one, it does have an entire section dedicated to vintage and there are some gorgeous little finds in there! Not to mention the graphics of the Homepage are pretty awesome – a space-themed blast of colour with an urban edge. The site rather wonderfully divides the vintage clothes into decade, so if you’re feeling the 50s vibe more than the 80s you can just skip straight to that section. Most of all I’m loving the brooches – soooo cute! So, even though there is plenty to dig through on their site, here are my favourite brooches. Hopefully they will inspire you to go and take a (rummage-free) peek yourself!1. Vintage Climbing Leopard Bro0che – £15
2. Sardi Vintage Crown Brooche – £29
3. Vintage Salamander Bro0che – £18

Jewellery 4 Information

Beautiful Vintage Jewellery finds at the Stellar Boutique
April 12th, 2011

At The Stellar Boutique, they think every solitary lady deserves merely a tiny sparkle within their lives. Now every solitary lady can have just that! The gorgeous new broad range of vintage jewellery goes on to be cherry-picked using a discerning eyesight for present trends, every solitary product a one of a kind vintage gem. Select a product to go with your design from the dazzling assortment of vintage brooches and pins, vintage necklaces, vintage bracelets and vintage earrings within 1950s by means of for that 1980s. You will uncover traditional design tiger and dark panther brooches, jewelled salamander brooches and diamante fringe necklaces alongside even more unusual and quirky pieces such as the Raj brooch and astrological charm bracelet.

40’s Vintage Necklace – £15

The Stellar Boutique retain expenses as minimal as feasible producing their Vintage jewellery some about probably the most competitively priced jewellery supplied online. So, with expenses starting at just £12, you don’t should be Elizabeth Taylor to adorn your do it yourself in gorgeous jewels! Whether you’re an avid vintage jewellery collector or merely a lover of all products shiny and beautiful, consider a appear in the assortment within vintage garments part concerning the Stellar Boutique on the net at thestellarboutique.

Creative Boom. London

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New Vintage Jewellery Collection at the Stellar Boutique

The Stellar Boutique believes every girl deserves a little sparkle in their lives. Now every girl can have just that! The gorgeous new range of Vintage jewellery has been cherry-picked with a discerning eye for current trends.

Select a piece to suit your style from a dazzling assortment of vintage brooches & pins, necklaces, bracelets and vintage earrings from the 1950s through to the 1980s.

You will find the classic style tiger & black panther brooches, jewelled salamander brooches and diamante fringe necklaces along side more unusual and quirky pieces like the Raj brooch and astrological charm bracelet.

They keep their prices as low as possible making their vintage jewellery some of the most competitively priced vintage jewellery available online. So, with prices starting at just £4, you don’t have to be Elizabeth Taylor to adorn yourself in gorgeous jewels!

Vintage Jewellery & Homewares …. Oct 2010

With summer gone and winter well and truly on the way it’s time our thoughts turn to (dare I mention it) Christmas once again! This can only mean two things – presents and parties! With this in mind, I thought you’d like to know about some of the latest arrivals to our vintage jewellery range and our brand new collection of vintage homewares.

Yes, we’ve added vintage homewares to our collection of vintage treasures so now you can kitch up your home along with your wardrobe! Choose from vintage clocks, kitchenware, fabric, ornaments and pictures. Although somewhat ‘bijou’ for now, the collection will grow each week with new items added regularly.

Our vintage jewellery section just got much bigger too! With some gorgeous new rings, necklaces and brooches from all eras, as well as vintage badges and keyrings now included, there is something to adorn all vintage lovers.

Happy shopping xx

The Stellar Boutique

Queens Of Vintage interviews Stella from The Stellar Boutique ….. June 10

After spending time selling her vintage finds in Portobello, Greenwich and Spitalfields markets, Stella decided to set up her own online shop, The Stellar Boutique. Having worked on the idea for two years, Stella decided on the name because it incorporated her name (Stella) without actually being directly about her. The boutique officially opened its ‘virtual doors’ in July 2009. Here, Stella gives Neandra Etienne a glimpse into her vintage world, talks about her love of James Dean and why she’s still a hippie at heart.

Neandra Etienne for QoV: What has been your most favourite item in the shop?

Stella: It’s difficult to narrow it down to just one piece! Some of my current favourites would be the Raj style vintage brooch in the vintage jewellery section for it’s quirkiness, the floral jumpsuit is pure Eighties vintage at it’s best, the Chanel style twin set is particularly cute and I love the Eighties Americana biker T-shirt as it’s so iconic and incredibly current! That’s one item I really wanted to keep for myself!

QoV: If you could step back into time, what decade would you travel to and why?

Stella: Oh, good question! Well, I’ve always been a huge James Dean fan so I’d have to go back to the Fifties at about age 15 and experience the dawning of  ‘the teenager’! That would mean I would be in my twenties to get the very best out of my favourite era – the Sixties. To have been a part of the hippie movement and of course to experience Woodstock would just be amazing. For me, the music, fashion and philosophy of that decade has defined so much of what we are today. Peace and love all the way!

QoV: Describe what a typical day is like for you?

Stella: My typical day starts at around 9am. Feeding the menagerie and walking my dogs is first on the agenda. Next is a trip into town to the post office to send off the customer orders from the last 24 hours. Then, armed with a coffee and a roll up, my laptop (and music) goes on at around 11am and I start by working my way through the mountain of emails from press, customers, designers and suppliers.

This can often take up the majority of my day but I try to keep the afternoon free for photo shoots and uploading new products. I have to prise myself away from the computer at around 6pm for the second dog walk of the day, then it’s back to work which usually ends anywhere between 2-4am in the morning. I am a bit of a night owl and I find I am at my most creative and productive in the early hours.

QoV: How do you feel the vintage market has changed since you first opened?

Stella: It’s very interesting to have witnessed the evolution of vintage clothing over the last 15 years. When I started collecting, it was simply called ‘retro’. It’s only really over the last 10 years that the term ‘vintage’ has been used for clothing as opposed to just cars & wine etc.!  Of course there have always been vintage collectors, but the last decade has seen a massive shift in attitudes towards vintage clothing.

There used to be a lot more resistance towards the concept of wearing ‘second hand’ clothes. Fortunately, it’s no longer viewed in such a way and I am delighted that the rest of the world has cottoned on. Vintage clothing is now very much ‘in vogue’ and has been propelled into the limelight by iconic fashion figures such as Juliette Lewis, Kate Moss and Chloe Sevigny.

QoV: Have you got any advice or tips for new customers wanting to visit your shop?

Stella: The concept for The Stellar Boutique derived from the idea that you can shop for your wardrobe, home and lifestyle all under one roof. I wanted to create an outlet where shoppers can buy something original and one-off that they won’t find in the average high street store. I make it my mission to scour the globe looking for unique items to encourage people to have fun with fashion and experiment with their own personal sense of style.

I try to distance myself from the current ethos of teaching your customers ’how to dress like a celebrity’ like at so many other online shops. This only leads to the death of originality. Look out for the menswear new and vintage collections which are coming soon, meaning you’ll be able to pick up a little something for the man in your life at the same time – perfect guilt free shopping!

Find A Fashion Shop: A dazzling new arrival of vintage jewellery….March 2010

Just Arrived – The Stellar Boutique vintage jewellery collection

A dazzling new collection of vintage jewellery has arrived at The Stellar Boutique.  The new range features an assortment of vintage necklaces, vintage bracelets, vintage brooches and vintage earrings from the 1940s right through to the 1980s. So if your a fan of all that sparkles, get yourself over to this online vintage shop and snap yourself up that vintage jewellery gem.